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Contents page Analysis

This ELLE magazine uses simple colour, giving it a professional look. The 2 images used, clearly show us that this is a fashion magazine, using them on the left and right side also give a more professional look. The content page only shows some of the articles in the magazine. The text is placed in boxes, making it simple to read. The title of them boxes is in red font, clashing with the masthead. The red on the white background draws attention from the readers eyes, wanting them to read the details from the titles. Font size changes when saying what the page number is, this makes the content page more interesting. It also makes it easier to read. The date is added underneath the master head, showing when the articles which the magazine features, took place.

This is a Glamour contents page. The contents page uses one large dominant image, this gives the reader a sense of one of the article the magazine features.The image relates to fashion, which is what the article is focusing on. Readers know by the image this is a fashion based magazine. The master uses bright colours making it stand out fromwhite background. Cover lines are separated, meaning it is easy for readers to find what page they want. The title of the articles are black and bold which makes them stand out. using red which goes well with the master head tells us clearly what the number of the page is. Underneath the title is the website address ( and the issue date. These two are in black and are in a font which gives the text a slight edge and stands out.

This is a Q contents page. This magazine content page uses a lot of red, making things stand out from others. this may be advertising or features. The page consists of a large full size image as the background, making more likely for readers to notice what the magazine features. At the bottom there is a white box with the story of the man in the image. In that box they use both red and black writing, this stands out on the white background. Used red font for what the man said. What the man said is also puff.  The font style keep the same size throughout the page, white with red numbers showing and making it easy for the readers to show clearly the page number. The colour scheme is kept simple, using only the colours red, white and black. On this magazine contents page, it only consists of one image. This image is full size. The costume used, effects the colour scheme, going well but gives is a slight edgy look.

This is a Q content page. The colour is kept simple but linking to the theme of the magazine. just by looking at the colours of a magazine you can tell what type of magazine it is. The font is mainly capitals making it eye-catching. On this content pages the text is kept in boxes, as the master head is. This makes the content page look neat. There is a large image used, giving attention to some of the band which the magazine features. Also a date is used. The main text of what the magazine features is kept the the left hand side of the page, while the main image and the review page is on the right hand side, this also makes it look neat, but still effective. The image is of a band, each one of the band members poses differently, and all standing different angles. Places the band memebers on them sort of angles, maybe be reflecting on who the lead person is in the band.

This is a NME content page. The colour scheme is kept bold and goes well with the style of the magazine. The master head is placed on black background making it stand out from the rest of the page, using the colour red as it is the title on the magazine. Cover lines will be in the magazine each week. These also stand out as they are on black background, which is placed on a grey/white background, which is also effective and readers will be drawn to it. On the left hand page there is a band index, font style small and red, also making this stand out but not as much, makes it easier for readers to find a band the magazine features. Down at the bottom of the page the content page has a large image, this is an advertise meant.

This is a Rolling Stone content page. It consist of 3 images, filling half the page.This is another way of telling readers what the page or who the page is about, also it is more interesting.  The text and colours throughout this page are all similar and follow the same theme. Using different style font, which almost gives life to the page. The master head is kept plain but using the colours as the master head on the front page. The content page only has some of the pages which it features, telling us there main stories.This takes up most of the page, so readers are drawn to it. These may be on the main front cover,making it easier for readers to find the main stories.

This is closer magazine contents page. It uses several images which also tells us what story they are in with the page number. The colour scheme is the same as the front cover. They use a mixture of pink, yellow, and white. The magazine has a pink background with a story printed on top of the background. The white background is filled with the information of the page numbers and what story is on them. The master head ‘this week in closer’ is promoting. That has a yellow background which make it stand out from the rest. The content page also consist of a picture of the next week magazine. The font size which is written to give more detail on the story, is kept the same. This is simple. The bolder and bigger writing is the subtitles. The magazine content page is crowded but kept simple.

This is a Blender magazine content page. This is a quite simple but effective page. It consist of a large full-page image, this adds colour to the page. Also uses the giant mushroom which Katy Perry is lifting, is placed over the master head. The master head is clear big and bold. This is effective on the content page as it stands out on th grey background along with the darker grey writing. On the subtitle ‘ NOVEMBER 2008 FEATURES’, features has pink font making it clear and understanding where to look. The cover lines,only picking out 4 pages and saying what they are about. Not showing all the page numbers.


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